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In the middle of all Mono Mind buzz there is always space for some vintage Rox! How about this one, folks? /P.Music video by Roxette performing The Centre Of The Heart. https://www.facebook.com/RealRoxette/ https://www.roxette.se ... See MoreSee Less

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Love this song, one of my favorites! It's so cool! Thanks Per Dear! 😍❀

I simply love the Room Service album. One of my all time favorites. ♥️

Such a creative lyric, right from the name of the song! I love it❀

I love this Song and I also love the whole Room Service Album! πŸ’–

One of my favorite! It's great! And always uplifting! Thanks Per!!! 😘

Still a great one! What a catchy song! Always great! 😊

Never forget the competition radio NRJ had where you could win tickets to the Room Service releaseconcert at Café Opera. I was working nights back then and stayed awake during the days to be able to call in to the radiostation when they played TCOTH. OMG I was tired when I finally managed to be the first one calling in. I think it was on thursday and the competition had been going on since Saturday or something. Later the same day I found out tht a friend had managed to get like 10 tickets from somewhere else, so all my sleepless days was all unnecessary. But still, it makes me remember that preticular concert even more! ❀

Just great, beautiful to hear!!! Always up to date. ..

Oh and one more memory. Me and my family went for a roadtrip from Sweden down to Altea, Spain just after the RS-album was released and I made my parents play the CD on repeat almost the whole way ! So almost 30 hours of Room Service, and I could sing along in every song ;-)

Love this vid😍😍 Maries hair is the best in thisπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ

Love our perfect Queen Marie ❀️

I thought this was Roxette facebook. Maybe this is Mono Mind facebook and I didn't realize it... Because I don't like Mono Mind at all.

Remember when the first snippet came out and everyone seemed to complain that it sounded like a tune from an arcade game etc? Welp, wasn't true at all and it became a great single. Entering Your Heart, off the Japanese version of the LP was a great add-on. Could've-Should've been a single.

never liked this song

Thank you for remembering the real reason for everything.πŸ’–

Forever green.:-D The best Rox Look - hairstyle, clothes, etc. I've stolen Marie Fredriksson 's hairstyle from this era :-p

Cannot wait for the 30 year anniversary edition of Joyride...make It special as Look Sharp!

my most favourite music. 🎼RπŸ“€xetteπŸŽ§πŸ“»πŸŽ€

Such talent! Still love you both!

Después de Joyride, Per Gessle, esta es la segunda favorita movidita !!! Lo que el centro del corazón puede hacer en ese tubo hasta el cerebro, ja! ni para los cuerdos!. Me encantó el video, y lo más gracioso que recuerdo es que me enteré que estuvo prohibida por MTV jajajajaja que importa en si la letra y todo esta GENIAL. me ENCANTÓ ESE VINTAGE ROX !!! πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜πŸ‘

Sounds fab in my headphones πŸ‘πŸΌhope Marie is doing okπŸ₯Ί

I enjoyed so much when it was released!

All roxers from Brazil are wating for the new soap's opera... Roxette is everything.

Brasílian's soap's opera...uau...

This song is very roxpopgoodone :-)

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3 days ago


Hey you! Thanks for all the ultra positive vibe buzzing-a-la-plenty around the Mono Mind-album. Happy to see so many of you have found your own personal favourite song. I'm really proud of this album, been working very focused on it for a long time. And, holy moly, there's more to come! You wouldn't expect anything else, would you? Have a fab weekend, y'all! /Dr R. ... See MoreSee Less

Hey you! Thanks for all the ultra positive vibe buzzing-a-la-plenty around the Mono Mind-album. Happy to see so many of you have found your own personal favourite song. Im really proud of this album, been working very focused on it for a long time. And, holy moly, theres more to come! You wouldnt expect anything else, would you? Have a fab weekend, yall! /Dr R.


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You did it again Per.Without playing the song I found my soul at Marvingate,it has been stored in my mind and keeps on playing there,lol.I love that song!I've got several favorit songs,from you solo,Marie solo,Gyllene Tider,Roxette and now Mono Mind.But my ultimate favorit is still Silver Blue (demo version).And how happy I was I finally got the sheet music when a new version was recorded for Tourism.I've written you a letter back then,asking for the sheet music.Never got an answer back,but for me was the new version of it the answer back,cause I knew it would be availlable in sheet music,just like all songs of Look Sharp and Joyride.And even after 30 years I'm still a big fan of you.Keep up the splendid work and keep on surprising me with your musical creations. Xxx

I have a question, is this Album only available digitally or will it also be released on CD and Vinyl in Germany? I'm asking because I went to my favorite Store today, where I usually buy LP's and CD's and they said they didn't have it yet, when I looked for your Mono Mind Mind Control Album!

I’m happy that only Save Me A Place is real EDM and rest of the album is electronic, but PURE Per Gessle. Really great record. And Couldn’t Believe My Luck is amazing song. Pearls Of Passion ‘19.

Have been biiiiinge-listening to it for many days now. What a great stretch you managed to make. Modern Electronica, 80ies, Disco, Funk, 70ies vibe (SOAP!), Experimental, Roxette sound... there is soooo much in this album. As always the melodies are key. And, at least to a diehard-fan, it‘s sooo distinctively YOU! I am delighted and proud to be your fan.

The record is great. You with may have a nice weekend.KramπŸ‘πŸ˜

Loving it! Huge fan of ALL your music since 1989. Hubby not a fan at all, but I hear him singing Sugar Rush πŸ˜‚

Happy to know there's more to come...what a fantastic project. Love is loud is still my favorite song...but Tell Him I said Hi! pops up in head more and more...so hope to get more - soon 😁

I found my Soul ...is very cool😎

Thank you so much for he great álbum Per cant stop listening

Hey Per... Mono Mind is amazing... I love every second of this album... It‘s fresh and very classical together, and it makes me wanna dance πŸ•ΊπŸΌ... It‘s typical Gessle, which I love so much 😍... As a die-hard fan, I was very much disappointed by Per Gessle‘s Roxette last year because this project seemed so fake to me 😳, but now my flame is burning hot again πŸ”₯... And my mind is nearly out of control 😜... Please keep going on with mono mind πŸ‘πŸ».../J. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡­

Great to know that you will continue with this project. Can't wait for more!

Lovely. Thats very kind of you PER. Wish we could hear more of your voice dear. Of course i am still waiting for my cd. As much as i heard sounds great and promising.

I Found My Soul At Marvingate is my absolute favourite. And would never have guessed it was you if you hadn't said!

I liked this Mono Mind album, I really loved your country previous one, and I love the fact that you keep moving and searching for, more and different, in your songwriter's career.

I have received my Mono Mind CD today. Can't stop myself to listen to it. So far soooooo good.

Listening to the album right now, it's so good πŸ€—♥οΈπŸ€—

Per Gessle i cant get enough of your songs;)

This is not a Roxette page anymore.

Heavy metal this time? :-)

You are the Boss Mr Gessle!!! A brillant mind for the music!! Never stop please!!!

I'm sorry, i don't like it. It's not my cup of tea. I prefer classic music of Mr. Gessle.

Many great songs! But why oh why soo much reverb?? Dont destroy the voices!!!

#CHE !!!! que linda foto comparto el habano .EXITOS

Well Dr.R what can I say? You can hear you put a lot of work in this one, it sounds perfect! Like someone else said here before: melody is key! Something what is often missing in today's music. Electronic and melodic and indeed....very you!

So crispy & fresh Mono Mind sound !! πŸ˜€ - Gessle again for President 😜🎸🎸🍾🍾

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