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Always liked this one for some reason. /P.Music video by Roxette performing A Thing About You. ... See MoreSee Less

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I got a thing about you.i don't really care what u do.

It’s beautiful! And we all have a thing about you two 💕 Have a good day! 🤗🕸😘

I love this song so much and the music video is one of my favourites from Roxette. Love you, Per. Greetings from Brazil.

It touched me deeply since day 1,a fav one during those days 2002 😘✌☝️

I'm prayer for you Marie, The Lord God will take you out of this captivity. 👍

Same here i love a song that tells a good story and captures the mood !

Because it's a Masterpiece! 👏

Dear Roxette!!! We love you from 🇲🇽Mexico! <3 <3 <3 a pretty good one🎶🎶

I know my reason I like it very much: it's so sweet and beautiful.

Maybe because it is a perfect piece of music. Softly sweeping, sung by great voices and with a fantastic Video! Those were your great days after the greatest times!

Because it’s a fantastic song, Per 😉

Probably best Rox ballad middle-eight.

I got a thing about you!🎶 one of my fav!!

i love this song and this hairdoo from marie..

I love it. You used to say it was an untipical song, but I find it very roxettish.

It's a very sweet and easy song 😍

Absolute favorite, so very beautiful, best music, best video. Totally agree with you.

One of my Top 5 Roxette favs - should have been a bigger hit!! ❤️❤️

Last Roxette song with massive airplay in Slovak republic:)

Because it's an amazing song in an amazing videoclip.

It's a great ballad. 💛💙

but lately u been painting my world blue

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Spanish is good for you. /P.Music video by Roxette performing Un Día Sin Tí (Spending My Time). ... See MoreSee Less

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excellent pronunciation! I think all the world agrees that Roxette is the best non spanish speaking band that achieved the best accent when singin in spanish!

That was horrible... sorry guys..

Being a viking roxer.i don't understand Spanish.ur Spanish roxers are so lucky to get an Spanish album from Roxette.

I really love listening to Baladas en Español, I think it's an excellent album, even though the lyrics in Spanish do not match at all with the lyrics in English. Also the three songs that appear in Have a Nice Day, (the Spanish version) ) they are really good, especially Salvation. I put them all together in a playlist as if they were a complete album and it's a pleasure to listen to them. I think Marie's voice is excellent and she did a great job with her pronunciation, she has a unique voice and I personally appreciate very much that they have done these songs. I love all of them. Thank you Roxette. 🙂

Que emoción cuando los escuche por primera vez... Woooo fue emocionante.. Aun que soy sincera aun lo es gracias por seguir formando parte de mi Vida... Y esta canción sin palabras.. Un todo.. Un universo..

Huge hit in Argentina, but we hate José Luis Escolar 😑

Las peores traducciones que pueden existir de canciones. Gracias a Per y Marie por intentarlo, pero mejor no en español, a menos que encontréis un fiel traductor de vuestras letras.

I always wondered why Roxette didn't record any of their huge hits in Swedish....just for the fun of it

Love your songs...

You both did a wonderful job singing in Spanish, even when the lyrics are not that good the pronunciation was almost perfect 😉

I remember the first time I heard this version in Spanish, it felt amazing. The pronunciation is 100% perfect. 👏👏👏

I agree... you should found another lyrics writer. You use a lot of metaphors and comparisons in your songs, and in Spanish all of these is disappeared, written in simply Spanish without emotion and sense. I love your work, but I can’t lie in this.

It's never too late to learn Spanish, dear Per...

Great pronunciation when you think about the fact that you're not Spanish speakers, but the lyrics, oh my goodness, the lyrics! That writer, Escolar, was a wrong, wrong, wrong, choice.

I respect that they want to sing in another language but it sounds horrible, it doesn't reflect what it really says, it remains soulless

Your accent is one of the best, considering is not your language

Siempre me acuerdo de ti con estas canciones 😘😘 Kmy Lobos

It was a big hit here In Brazil,it got massive airplayed through radio stations back in the day 😊

Spanish? Oh yes, I've been meaning to take up my Spanish for years... but then I got roxed & for some reason became more interested in taking up Swedish 😉

Thank dear now Verizon in spanish are is beautiful..kisses


Lovely song, nice language and great place to holiday at.

I can't write You something..

Excellent versión in spanish!!! Amazing Roxette!!!

Deberían de matar al que hizo las adaptaciones, en ingles son bellísimas !!

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