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Do you have any favourite Roxette songs you want to hear live on the Per Gessle's Roxette tour? Pls, let me know. I'm all ears. Got a few up my sleeve but would love to hear your point of view. Have a great weekend y'all! /P. ... See MoreSee Less

Do you have any favourite Roxette songs you want to hear live on the Per Gessles Roxette tour? Pls, let me know. Im all ears. Got a few up my sleeve but would love to hear your point of view. Have a great weekend yall! /P.


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Dear per, you dont know me but i' roxette fan since the yoyride album. My first live concert was roxette yoyride tour in dortmund germany when i was 14 years old. I was there with my best friend krisztina and it was such an amazing day for us😊 . I also was with another friend in frankfurt at the crash boom bang tour. Then we grow up, worked and i forgot roxette for a while ( but still level up the Volume if ever there was a song in the radio😁) i'm 40 years now, maybe two years ago i was with my wife at one of the concerts of the roxette anniversary tour in mannheim. She always like the roxette music but never been to a concert and i wanted to show her how fun roxette concerts are. It was so great to see u and marie after 26 years again, felt like time travelling😄. But i was so touched as i saw come marie on stage, only able to go there supported by someone, i had heard about her stroke but i didnt knew how ill she still is.... and when the concert was finished and u help her leave the stage i had tears on my eyes because in this moment i already knew its the last tour for her... I still thinking about to go to your roxette tour, but I dont know yet, because without marie: things will never be the same... about the question here: I always wanted to hear silver blue live, but it never happend😔

If you play "(I could Never) give you up" I'm all done for the autumn, winter and spring until GT's summer in 2019!!! 😍😍😍

Please bring your tour to Australia and play Things will never be the same, Physical fascination, Cinnamon Street!😍

Things will never be the same, Silver Blue, Church of your Heart, She Doesn't Live Here Anymore and Here Comes the Weekend!!

Things will never be the same, excited, she doesn't live here anymore, church of your heart, chances, hotblooded, listen to your heart, anyone

so many gems are running by my head ... but without Marie's voice it is useless to say something...for example my favorite Silver blue is impossible without Marie's beautiful voice...ohhh!! You are very courageous that you are traveling without Marie. I wish a lot of success, I will not see roxette anymore...bye.

I'm in NJ so I wont be able to attend but a great song you sing is "Vulnerable" . A favorite of mine for sure!!! And thank you for it Per

Cinnamon street. Opportunity nox, ➡ Your versions. Pls dont include many duetts with another singer to "replace" Marie. 😉

It's time to try "June Afternoon", "Fingertips", "Cinnamon Street", "Place Your Love", "Vulnerable" and other songs never played on previous tours. We already had enough of "7twenty7", "The Big L", etc. Let's give a chance to these REALLY forgotten gems.

Per é um dos grandes compositores de vários hits da banda, porém ele sempre será a voz dos hits The Look, Vulnerable, Opportunity Nox, e Marie sempre foi a voz principal da Roxette. Alguém já chegou a ouvir as versões demo cantadas por ele???

I'm Sorry A Thing About You Vulnerable Run to You Surrender Why Dontcha SDLHA Lover Lover Lover... actually everything that hasn't been played yet between 2010 and 2016. No matter in which version... And pleeeeaaaase add some solo songs, too. They have deserved to be played!!!

I've always dreamed about hearing "Keep me waiting" live and it never happened...so maybe consider doing it this time?

It's amazing how THINGS WILL NEVER BE THE SAME was never a single...Judging by its popularity amongst fans, it would have been huge!

Fingertips, Run to you, vulnerable, girl on the moon, the look of course, watercolors itr, Queen of Rain, milk and Toast and honey...... Too many

Silver Blue, Queen of Rain, The Look! So many great songs to choose from. Hoping for some 'Swenglish' songs as well! 🎶 Looking forward to the show. See you in Utrecht!

The look, joyride, it must have been love, fading like a flower, listen to your heart, dangerous, things will never be the same, silver blue, . I’ve never been to any of your Roxette concerts. I regret it. I live in Hobbs New Mexico USA. I’ve been a Roxette fan for over 28 years. I love your music. I wish you would tour the USA. I know Marie had her cancer and her health isn’t great anymore so it’s so sad she can’t tour with you anymore Per. But yes please make tour dates for the United States of America 🇺🇸! Then I would make sure I would attend a concert! I will always love Roxette! Cheers

My favourite Roxette songs are (Do You Get) Excited?, and Love is all, but I don't want to hear live without Marie, please!!!

What's she like, Run to you, June afternoon, Touched by the hand of God, I could never give you up, Here comes the weekend, Knocking on every door and Voices.

I don’t think Lies ever got the credit it deserved. It got lost near the end of CBB. Thumping big riff, great live tune, an unsung Rox gem I reckon. Good to see a resurrection!

OMG! I want to hear them all, but I love love love the good oldies from Pearls of Passion and Look Sharp. Good Luck 🙂🙂

Actually there are many great tunes from per gessle archives.... or even songs like I call your name from coyh b side which can be played

Up- and midtempo songs with you on lead vocals like: - She doesn‘t live here anymore - Make my head go pop - Jefferson - Way out - 20bpm And... OppNox!!!!! We NEED OppNox back!

Hy Per! Of course all, but my favourites are The look, Joyride, Fading like a flower, Church of your heart, I remember you..and many others 👍😀 Still waiting for your feedback if you have some beautiful black or white Rickenbacker 360 left for me??? 😀😉📣 I am the biggest fan for this model and of course, fan of all songs played on it 🎸🎸🎸😉🎵🎵🎵 Regards

Hi Per... François from Johannesburg. I was thinking, Cinnamon Street, Cooper, She doesn't live here anymore, and big black Cadillac. Sounds awesome when you perform it

I'm sorry, Come back before you leave, Hotblooded, Pay the price, Jefferson, Dream On, She doesn't live here anymore, Pearls of passion, Chances, A thing about you, Little miss sorrow, Reveal and You&Me...

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IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE over 300.000.000 streams on You Tube!!! Thanx everyone for watching and listening! /P&M ... See MoreSee Less

IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE over 300.000.000 streams on You Tube!!! Thanx everyone for watching and listening! /P&M


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One of the best ballads ever written, made and performed. Congratulations!!

I think I’m mostly responsible

marie I like your music listen to your heart I want a video greeting yours and of Per please a video greeting for me I'm Giovanni Marcelo Santa Maria🙌🙏🙏🙏😦

Congratulations Teacher Marie and Teacher Per. I learned 🇬🇧 listening to Roxette!!! Love from 🇧🇷!!!

its easy to fall in love for Marie s voice

The most beautiful song oll of the time. ❤ roxette forever.

I Love Roxette

Thank YOU for making this great song!!! 😉😉

This song is awesome!!!!! Roxette Forever!!!

it must have been love but..

I will always love you, Roxette !

Most beautiful song of all time sang by the most incredible woman!xx

Me gusta muxo las canciones d Roxette sobre todo esta baladita IT MUST HAVE BEEN LOVE mm... q dindo😗😍🎶🎤😌🎆🎵😚😘🎻

Amy thats a lot of millions 😲


beautiful music but the move is boring

Love you all , greetings from the Netherlands, all the best for Marie Fredriksson

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