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37 minutes ago


So, Christoffer! /P. ... See MoreSee Less

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So, Chris!!!!!! ♥️🇸🇪♥️

Sooooo Santa Claus Christoffer😁✌️🤩 love these videos😍❤️

19 hours ago


Visiting Mix Megapol’s Morning Show in Sthlm the other day. /P. ... See MoreSee Less

Visiting Mix Megapol’s Morning Show in Sthlm the other day. /P.

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Elle Pete is really steady? It’s a crazy world Let it on my busy hands You’ll be kissed and safe and sound Babe go ahead Take off your shoes Put ón my love You’re art Of it all Like me Just like me Leave a gain It smells funny And looks sick But pleased Come in

bowing is the new hand-shaking these days! you are hilarious, Per!🤪

Nice coat Mr. G. 😍👌🤩 and it was a great radio show✌️💖

Morning GSeL.Paidi Su💛✌✌

Boa.noite amiga

Hey entiende Roxete sin Marie es nada

Is it Deasel model of a coat? (that Mr. Gelle wears)






love your sense of humour Per looking good tack for sharing with us fans

It is great have so many news lately! You look fabulous! Nice smile, Mr. G.

Great news fan air music amazing 🎶🎶💖💖🌟🌟

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2 days ago


1989. ... See MoreSee Less


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RIP Marie... The legend of our generation...

I born when ABBA was in their best times. I was in High School when I lived Roxette, and Enjoyed their Best Songs! Their Music still stand, as Chiquita from ABBA, Listen to Your Heart and Spending my Time. #looksharp #Roxette #abba #puertorico #sweeden

Marie is unforgettable ❤best female singer i ever heard🙏 she was amazing and so beautiful ,i always think about her

Roxette marcó mi adolescencia, toda la secundaria, cuando iba a hacer tareas en grupo a la casa de una amiga, siempre llevaba mi cassette de Roxette... lo máximo, Marie siempre estarás presente en nuestros corazones y te mantendrás viva en tus canciones... 🙌🙏🥰

Fab photo, and great memories x

Marie was my first celebrity/musician crush. She always had “the look” I loved.

Marie you will be always in our hearts.

Loved Roxette...R.I.P. Marie

”She’s Got The Look” -89 was the year, I heard you very first time

When I was born. Her songs will always be in my heart

Mamacita!!! Nunca supe que me gustaba mas: su voz, la cancion o ella misma... Incluso hoy en dia todavia lo ignoro...

Curto muito as canções do Roxette, amooooo😍

Marie you 're forever in my heart

I love this pic, my rxt 4ever ♥️♥️ Marié, Per the best in my music life

ROXETTE a quality Act love the music & the memories they gave me thank you

Они замечательные, очень жаль что ушла такая классная певица и женщина... Светлая память, эти хиты и её неповторимый образ, на долго останутся в наших сердцах

Canzoni stupende. Voce indimenticabile e ineguagliabile. I miei preferiti da sempre. ❤

90 ların en sevilenlerinde bir gömlek önde idi. Cok güzel anlamlı müzik rock. Seni hiç unutmuycam roxtte

They had some catchy songs!

Tremendo dúo! Me encantan siempre están presentes en mi música y lo estarán!!

Lo recuerdo ...todas sus canciones.roxette...

懐かしいアルバム買っていましました。The Look今も好きです

Maravillosa dupla. Cante y cante todas sus canciones. Llore cuando perdimos a Marie. Nos dejo maravillosos recuerdos

Per and Marie my favorite rock duo ever 🎸🎸🤟🤟

The roxett for me, the band that stays inside the rock, is one of the excellence! Mary Fedrikson, I will love you forever !!! although now you are an angel and you are looking at us from above .......

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3 days ago


Wow! So happy you seem to like PIECE OF CAKE! Thanks for all your comments, love and affection! /P. ... See MoreSee Less

Wow! So happy you seem to like PIECE OF CAKE! Thanks for all your comments, love and affection! /P.

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Thank you for this song!!! It’s a big piece of cake!! Amazing song! It’s always a great experience to hear Marie and you together. So much love from Brazil ❤️

Iv always loved to listen to roxette growing up. Its so awsome that that u guys are still jamming out making good music and beautiful memories.

Can’t get enough of Piece of Cake! It’s been on repeat since Friday! So catchy and fun! Love that it’s a duet - amazing! Thank you, Per! Hope this song together with Let Your Heart Dance gets a lot of airplay. Lots of Love from the U.S ❤️

Thank you for Piece of Cake Per Dear! As always, your songs are awesome! I love Let Your Heart Dance with Me, too! Listen to your songs everyday! Love and hugs 💖

I’m really surprised. So amazing song. Marie sings like she was thirty

Thanks to you, si happy listened the rxt music. Good luck and god bless you

Hope it gets on the radio, great song! Love from the U.S.A.!

Dear Per! This song is my new favourite. I love it! It has a frenetic sound! I can not get enough of it. Thank you for everything. The joy, the energy, the inspiration what you give me and the whole Roxette-world! Grateful thanks and blessings! 🙏🙏🙏

The best song of Good Karma Per!! love love love this song!!!! Hugs from Argentina!!!!

Very cool song. Amazing sound. Thank you Per to give to us emotion making to live Roxette. Love from Italy

I really underestimated the Piece of Cake at my first few listenings, but when I used my headphones to go again with the song, I truly got its power. And the sound is huge! <3

I found it something's similar to Abba. I don't know what yet.

Such a sweet piece of 🍰 doesn't deserve to be kept unreleased! Thank you for this gem! Pure Roxette's energy on it... Really move from my soul to my feet: let's keep on dancing. Lots of love from Argentina

Roxette never should be Mono Mind, but this song is a lot too much of it. Like Good Karma is the weakest Roxette Album, so Piece Of Cake is the weakest Single till far from Bag Of Trix. You habe such talented Like Christoffer with huge guitar skills, why you have to use computer music? I'm sure it would sound great if you take your Liveband and play it at this style and rounded by Maries' magical voice.

Sweet & hot, mi torta preferida! 💓Se puede ir a los bifes en Suecia todavía? Vivís con alguien, Per? Tu casa es grande- Puedo ser una de tus dos amigas elegidas respetando las nuevas raras recomendaciones socialistas? Te cocino buenísimos pies. De hecho, estoy a tus pies de página cualquier día de estos 💋, kissed Per!

Yes definitely Piece of Cake is an amazing song and could have been on Good Karma. I still think Good Karma should be rereleased as an expended deluxe album with the original album including let your heart dance with me and piece of cake, aswell as all the Good Karma Demos and the sing sing versions of From a distance, you can’t do this to me anymore, 20BPM and you make it sound so simple. And there should be still some place for some remixes from why don’t you bring me flowers and some other summer. I dream of this

Great band Roxette with a very good lead singer Marie Fredrickson

Dear Per can you post the original song without overdubs? It would be great! The one you released is more Monomind than Roxette (but I like it the same). Thank you

Love it! Roxette music always just feels so good! Love from The States😉

You are a talented singer, song writer Per. Thank you for sharing things with us.

I really liked it a lot. Although it didn't make it to the Good Karma album, it's much much better than some other songs that finally did. It actually sounds like an updated Roxette, while some songs in the album sound like Roxette trying to be something else. This should be properly promoted as a new single.

Just can’t understand why you would leave such a gem of a song like this unreleased! And it could easily have gone on for another minute or so without outstaying it’s welcome. ❤️

Loved it so much!!! Hear it over and over all day long..... I think some bran new remixes are needed with this song!!!!

It's good song to dance. Real passion dance. Thank you Per!

It's my dearest of the moment❤️ Marie would have love all the moviment of the fans. Miss her😔

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4 days ago


Per Gessle talks via Zoom about Roxette & Marie Fredriksson. From Stockholm to Argentina with love. 😊🎶 /PP

Stills are from the video:
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Congratulations Per, after the dark Christmas we lived through last year, you have managed to turn things around and get us excited with the BAG OF TRIX agenda. Each premiere is a feast of impatience and joy. I am very proud of you and the entire team around you. And go ahead with any project you can think of, I don't want to be bored in the future ... You will have to bake more of those cakes that only you know the ingredients.

You were, are and will be my life's soundtrack. God bless you

Esa 👁 DESCRIPCIÓN DE VIDEO de su mamma... no es oficial, pero parece un poco correcta... nOTABLE, DESTACADA! H2Oh...! TUS LINKS OCULTOS TO TUBE los quiero revisar!!! VIDEA WELL

Här så många bra låtar med Marie Fredriksson. Så bra.

Lo que dijo su mamma también es interesante desde algún punto de vista

Most important newspaper here in Argentina 😉

Amamos Roxette desde Argentina ❤


Thank you

Oy tu yoko experimentaÑ


Listening to Joyride now on Spotify.

Loves from Argentina for you 🇦🇷

Thanks you!!! I love them!!!🤩🥰



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4 days ago


Per Gessle's "Piece of Cake" talk is out on Roxette's YouTube channel! 🍰🎶 /PP

Stills are from the video:
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'The last song ever recorded' sounds intolerably troubling and sad, doesn't it?

Can't eat cake cos I'm diabetic!Any Roxers that diabetes.

Greate song, love to see and hear Marie ❤️

If it was the last recording, you ended with a flourish. ❤🇧🇷

I love the last song, magic always

Great 👍❤🙂

Gracias totales

Great song 🙂


Very cool Song!





Roxette ❤️🥰


I love this Song ❤👏🇸🇪

Nice song 👍🇸🇪


Why don't you post the link to the video here in the officisl page instead of reportes?! Has more sense

Love it

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5 days ago


"Listen To Your Heart" has just reached 300 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube! 🎧❤️ A.m.a.z.i.n.g.! 🎶 Congrats & love, Roxette! 💖 /PP
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I think I account for about 1 million of those views. Seriously, a well deserved congratulations!

Coincidence... I just finished watching the last few eps of Glee today (yes, I missed the hype when it came out being a mum 😂) and Listen to Your Heart was on. They did it justice.

This is still under how much I love this song. Cos I love it a million trillion tons!

Todos los temas de ROXETTE son excelentes...pero este es de mis preferidos.

One heck of an epic track

I'm 33 now and decided to get my first tattoo saying : join the joyride

Roxette Comeback with Agnes ?

Que voz mas impresionante, que sonido musical mas profundo.. hacen que la balada sea inolvidable.. gracias Marie gracias Roxette por sus baladas tan bonitas por siempre..

Not only a great song, but where the video of the concert was is perfect!

I love this song but 300 millions are not that much if you think that a newcomer as Cardi B has 1 billion views. It's sad I know!

Love this video, Marie and Per at their best ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

great song. Great band. Marie died much too young 🙁

Worth watching video from Roxette. Almost all Roxette songs are fantastic including concerts too. Watch them !once marie sings she touches our hearts❤❤

Well... gorgeous song with beautiful people in the video. You lot woz (still are, of course) very sexy! 🤣 Congrats! 😘

To pierwszy utwór ich który słyszałam i od razu się w nich zakochałam ❤️

Congratulations Per!! Marie would have been so proud.

One of the most beautiful video’s and a perfect song ❤️❤️

My favourite video and one of my favourite songs! One of the best ballads ever! The location is stupendous, so beautiful and magical! I wish I was old enough to see Roxette live and go to The Look Tour, especially concert in this beautiful castle! 😍 😍

I never cared for ballads until I heard this song and really listened to it; it's so damn well done... Roxette forever!

My favorite song.💞 The melody on my phone is "Listen to your heart" ❤️

This doesn't surprise one little bit. It's still not high enough!😁😁But a huge congratulations is in order, Per. Love you to the moon and back!💟

A wonderful song .l love it. Congratulations

My favorite song of all times ❤

One of my favorite songs 💜💜💜

Me complementa la vida son y serán incomparables!!!

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5 days ago


Per #Gingerlover Gessle had much fun taking over Spotify Sweden's Instagram account today. 🍵 You can watch the stories for 24 hours, so don't miss Per Gessle answering some fan Qs and showing what's in his dressing room! 🤩🎶 /PP

Stills are from the stories.
Spotify Sweden:
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Per is so beautiful here.

A critical thing I learned in my Swedish studies was learning how to pronounce ginger: 'Ingefära'...not 'Ingen fara' 😶😂

Mr G (Gessle) meeting Mr G (ginger) is my favourite episode!

Great nice fun hugs🌹❤⭐⭐

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5 days ago


"Piece of Cake" Music video!
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Video image

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It is so enjoyable to hear Marie's strong and sensual vocals on this one which are much more prominent than on Let Your Heart Dance With Me.<3

Piece of Cake is a total firecracker, very modern rhythms !!! My rating is 10 out of 10 !!! Roxette once again proved, as always, that unfortunately they were a formation that releases something different with each new material and I love them for that 🙂 !!!!! A total bomb, a mixture of 80s music, electronics and guitars !!! Total cosmos !!!


What an amazing song.❤👍 It makes me feel like wanting to take a joyride on the highway at night with rolled down windows and the volume on maximum.🚘🛣 It sounds fantastic, really modern but also reminds me of the 80s sound. I love the synths and guitars.

Dear Per, Congratulations! The new song was a pleasant surprise, it is fun, modern and invites you to dance ... just great. It's my favorite of the latest releases .... It deserves a single. PS: The video could have had a few more ¨Piece of cake¨ scenes between you and Marie. Bah ... just my humble suggestion.

Pre-ordered the CD set!

I actually prefer the Roxette of the old days, with more guitar and drums... The last songs are too much synthesiser and too poppy for my liking. But I will buy the new Bag of Trix, since it is “new” material. And Marie’s voice is just superb, as usual!

I love it...Great new song, fresch, amazing, cool. Roxette one of the best pop rock band of the last twenty years

Beautiful and stunning as always!

Perfekt! 🙏🏽👍🏽🙋🏽‍♂️

Super. Just like marble cake or geography cake as we call it in Cyprus.

Rebecca Leonard New soong!!! 😍😍

Good song. I'll be honest I don't exactly like how the music starts out but after the first 20 seconds or so it gets rocking. Lyrically it's definitely like The Look or Crush On You. It's catchy and poppy and really groovy. Close to the early sound of Roxette but different enough that you can't complain it's the sam