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2 days ago


Have to love that early 90's production!!!! Badabam bam bam everywhere! /P. ... See MoreSee Less

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This is one of those gems that I never tire of hearing. Just plain love this song. Marie's vocals, the music, the whole vibe. Absolutely love it.

A song full of feelings, a shame not to include it in the Joyride album, but later included as a bonus track in the single album Spending my time. I loved it! Tomas Anders and Laura Branigan did their thing in their respective cover, excellent. ❤️❤️❤️

"In this room there are many memories." Could that be many memories listening to amazing music by any chance?

My best song

Awesome, awesome song. Turned a few newbies onto it.

One of your best Catchy songs that should have been released and played live ... 🙂 we miss you!

Lovely song... It could have been part of an album and even have a video clip.

Big love for details showing up here! Great programming by Anders, lovely piano part.

Their best song!

when I first heard this song - I loved was written beautifully but never did I imagine that the song was written for me when I walked out. It’s been 3 years and I still cry when I hear this song. 😢

The original version is the best. Still wondering why you keep it left from Joyride album. And you kept Physical Fascination in 🤦‍♂️

Another greatest song! It's in my top 10

Great song!!!!😍🎶❤

Love that song. Bassflow make it sound very nice.

Beautiful Song

I love this song💕

Such beauty!!!

Genial.. Triste.. pero hermosa.

Love this song, the emotion it generates when I hear it is out of this world. 😍💖 Marie Fredriksson's vocals and emotions she portrays in this song are top notch, but then again she does that in EVERY song she sings. 💓

Es una de mis favoritas!!😍

⭐️🙌Great Song⭐️🙌✌️

tak terasa sudah 20 tahun roxette masih setia menemani.....

What a Rox monster💥


my IDOL ❤❤❤❤❤❤

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3 days ago


THE TUESDAY TUNE: Pay The Price. Recorded in Marbella, Spain. Always liked this. Maybe it's because I got the chance to play the guitar solo in the coda???? Swell! /P. ... See MoreSee Less

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Every Roxette album is amazing. The only artist I’ve ever bought import releases of. And this one was the best of them all.

Love this track! Marie's falsetto at the end... and the guitar during the break... I remember working at McDonald's and played this album over and over.. kept us all happy! 😎

I listened to HAND today!

Yes one my favourites ,nice voices ,nice guitars...perfect song❤🎸🎶

Love this track 💕

Great choice from HAND 😍! 💜

This Album was great Staring at the ground mein favorite Song and salvation too

My favorite song of this album is “I was so lucky”.

love love love this album

I grab my big black book and call the numbers I know... So very cool! So very Roxette! So very cool to sing!

I never really liked this one. Probably my least favourite Rox song ever.

Was just listening to this yesterday 😍

For me HAND it's a little boring album. This song is really cool! 😃

Great one!

Was this the song that Per made a bet about adding the lyrics in... 'looking at you through the holes in the soles of my old brown.. shoes' haha! Such a fun album.. waiting for the rain reminds me of a beatles track!

I love this Song!💖

Pay the price of love When it calls for you... 🎶🎶🎶

I love this song !!!!

With Joyride my favorite albums!

That was the best Roxette album.

I love it! Japan released it as two A single together with Anyone. It has it all to be a hit single!

I think I read somewhere years ago that this song was used as a single along with "Anyone" in Japan (I think)?

An absolute fave - shouldabeenasingle outside of Japan 🙌🙌🙌

Love the song take it long long time, my favorite

Awesome song👍💕

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5 days ago


It Must Have Been Love performed live at the Arsenio Hall Show in NYC 1991. A very nervous bunch of Swedes.... /P. ... See MoreSee Less

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I was actually living in the US at that time and being glued to the TV....

What a great tune !

Wonderful music! One of my favorite songs! 😍😍

The One ! My only word , this song represents so much for me

I love this performance!! Marie is superb as always

My favourite song of all times! ❤ Just love it!

Love this performance ❤️

Love this song x

I remember staying up late to watch it . It was a great one ❤️

Love this song, absolute class.

Still my favourite love song of all time.

Love this band !🤩🤩

A classic! ❤️

Favorite song ever !!

Another awesome song!

I stayed up late and recorded it on my VCR and watched it over and over and over...still have it around somewhere 😀

I stayed up super late to tape this!

Love this song💜💜💜👌👌👌👌👌👌👍


Roxette is best of the best, with these classic songs!

Just perfect ! 😍🙌🏾


Roxette at the big apple🍎!🎤In my New York state of mind🗽!

Snyggt! 👍

Best romantic ballad!!

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5 days ago


𝐋𝐢𝐬𝐭𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐨 𝐘𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐇𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐭 was released as the 2nd single from 𝑳𝒐𝒐𝒌 𝑺𝒉𝒂𝒓𝒑! today 31 years ago! 🎧💓 1 year later it topped the US Billboard Hot 100! 💝 Such an amazing power ballad, isn't it? 🎶💞🎶 /PP

Stills are from the official video:
... See MoreSee Less

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Brings back alot of memories for me a great song from an excellent band I was lucky to see you guys live it was brilliant

My all time favourite song - love it so much. And hey, it was released on my 10th birthday 😊😍

Still my favourite ballad of all time. And those castle ruins for a backdrop for the film clip!! Amazing.

Time flies but your songs are timeless! Thank you Per! 😊

Best ballad ever written! We miss you !

Such a touching melody! Brilliant lyrics as every masterpiece of Mr. G.!

I have the look sharp album in cassette, cd and vinyl. The first one I bought it when I was at school, The second one when I was at the University and finally the third one a month ago. Besides, I used to teach my students with this song "Listen to your heart" both in Karaoke or just filling in blanks while my students listened to the song carefully. Marie's voice is the best. Greeting from Chile, South America.

Still a fantastic song. Definitely holds up all these years later.

Thank you for this wonderful peace of music. Not my absolut favourite song of Roxette but Top 10 😁

The most beautiful song in the Universe❤️💙💛😍

I always love the songs of roxxette....awesome

Still one of my favourite songs ever!!!

Preciosa balada una de mis favoritas desde que la escuche de jovencita

Love this song 💕💕💕

One of the best written pop songs of all time and the video always gives me goosebumps!

I love this song!!!

I saw you in headlining a gig in London 28 years ago!! Awesome! 😁

Still one of my top 3 songs ever (one of the other being Spending my time) and one of my favorite music videos. So simple and yet so absolutely powerful.

A wonderful Song and a beautiful place 🥰

My favorite song.❤️

My favorite song.

How happy made me this song, I remember those days like it was yesterday 😍

My favourite song!

My Favorite Song Ever

It's always one of the best! Love the text love the sounding!

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1 week ago


Time flies. STT seems so long ago, don't you think? I've released two more albums since then. Mono Mind's "Mind Control" + GT's "Samma skrot och korn". Phew!!!!! Have a fab weekend y'all! /P.Per Gessle released ”Small Town Talk” 1 year ago today! 🎶 Which Swedish song’s English version do you like the most on the album? 🤠 /PP

Listen here:
... See MoreSee Less

Time flies. STT seems so long ago, dont you think? Ive released two more albums since then. Mono Minds Mind Control + GTs Samma skrot och korn. Phew!!!!! Have a fab weekend yall! /P.

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I got this album! I bought it online on amazon right when it was released. I love the album. I have all your other solo albums too Swedish and the ones in English. Along with Marie’s solo albums. And of course all Roxette albums! I’m a big Roxette fan for 30 years now. I never been to any of your concerts. I regret it now. I live in the USA. At age 42. Love your music until I die!

Love STT. And we are waiting for more albums to come Mr.G!

I love all the Songs on this Album!

I wish you very nice weekend too, Per! Greetings from Germany! 💖💐🌞🌼

Personally I think STT, was one of your best albums ever. The country-folk atmosphere plus those classic Gessle 3chords songs, like "name you beautiful" Many Gessle's worlds in one CD. Oh yeah! This one made me fly.

I love the Small Town Talk Album! 💖

Hello Per!Times did fly since you have recorded both the 2 albums.The mono mind album was your for your 60th birthday and The Gt album was for Gt 40'th birthday.NICE WEEKEND FOR U PER!🎸🍭


Finest prize is Nr1.🤘👍

Finest prize was horribly translated




Wooo.. me gustó mucho desde que la escuché.. por primera vez. Es simplemente una poesía un canto de amor y dolor al amor... ausente.. pero da entender cuanto duele esa separación wooo.. Dolorosamente.. Hermosa..


Love the Ping-Pong Song)

I'll never be able to chose "favorites" among your songs, but I do have meaningful ones each day

Where are you? I read you here a moment ago, are your flowers dying now and on? There's a place (STT) with some PG and some AB:

And the other thing I'm feeling about is you haven't accepted Marie's hat but you did accepted my favorite today. Can you leave? Could you tell? Oh, the objects... I'm not a native speaker of this language but love

Artists, artists...! Always the same, always something different

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1 week ago


The very very very first Roxette tour. We were part of something called "Rock Runt Riket" ("Rock Around The Country"). Three acts toured Sweden in the summer of 1987 playing outdoor venues. Roxette was the headliners with only one album released. Strange but necessary. /P. ... See MoreSee Less

The very very very first Roxette tour. We were part of something called Rock Runt Riket (Rock Around The Country). Three acts toured Sweden in the summer of 1987 playing outdoor venues. Roxette was the headliners with only one album released. Strange but necessary. /P.

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I would have looooved to witness this!!! This and the Look Sharp Live! Tour 1989. That would have been something. 🤩🎶😍🤘💃 At least I already dreamed I have been at these tours. Not really the same but well... 😂🤦‍♀️

so happy that we saw your show a few years ago in Brussels ♥️♥️♥️

Amazing! Looove it. There is a kind of tour book with the same name. And a film about it

Great memories...The first steps of one of The greatest band in the World...Im a fan from 13 Years old and i love like Yesterday.

And rehearsals in a garage?!

Hi Andrea I enjoy like the sticker you send me I really like being one of roxette fans I hope to hear from you soon some time

Start of the amazing joyride.....and what a ride it is...

👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 To infinity and beyond!

This is simply FABULOUS!!! I LOVE ROXETTE!!! 😍

The only time we have is now. Cherish every moment, look how time flies. Never to be repeated. Love to Marie.

Always in my heart ♥️

I love PAINT!!!

Hi Per!The first Roxette album that was Pearls of passion recorded in 86.You and Marie have sing Neverending love,i call your name and soul deep at the first Roxette concert in 87.

Will "I Want You" ever be officially available on a Roxette release in the future? It's a rare gem.

Great years 🙂 we kiss you both of you ♥️

The Best 😘😘😘

Strange sometimes turns into something extraordinary,in this case Marie & Per rocked the world 😉❤❤🎶🎵🎼

She is a great singer...

Wow! You both are wonderful!❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shame she will never tour again due to ill health I love there music im areal super fan xx

Roxette...a part of my Youth... Forever a part of my life...

beautiful Marie <3

Are there video/audio-recordings left from this tour? For the next RoxBox maybe? Per Gessle, please take a look on the attic 😉

And that was introduction to worldwide success 😀

Marie was extremely thin 😀

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2 weeks ago


Wrote this one for the Don't Bore Us - Get To The Chorus -compilation in 1995. One of four new songs on that album. Had just come off the neverending Crash Boom Bang-tour. /P. ... See MoreSee Less

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Oh YES! What a masterpiece! Love this one SO MUCH! How about a live version on the next tour? Again - thanks a lot for your genius songs Per!!!

I would have love and extended version (as b-side) with a longer instrumental part in the end... and an instrumental version only.

I love all the vocals there, also Per’s vocal in refrain! ❤️

One of the best ballads. It was great autumn.

It’s one of my faves , I’ve listened since 87 own all the LPs seen you here in Calgary .

Still one of my favourite songs of all time

Those 4 tracks were so good! Last fragments of the golden age (89-95)

I love all 4 of those added tracks.. just brilliant!! ❤

I love this Song, it is beautiful! 💖

Super song, great lyrics

I love this song.

one of my favs. ❤

Another of Marie's perfect both together, still works and it will works forever! Love this song at all 💕

Love that song.

This is a beautiful song! I love so much Roxette! ❤️❤️

Super Song great lyrics

Remember hearing the intro for the first time - still sounds great today!

One of my favorites of all ❤️

The weariness after that tour showed in this song. Lovely song but very different for Roxette at the time. More like what Marie would have released solo. Only in English 😍

Stunning track... And that guitar work... 👌

Beautiful Song ,I Love it ❤

I love this song, so beautiful ❤️

So emotional ballad...

One of my many.... many faves!!! ❤

a very sweet ballad 💘

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2 weeks ago


Such a wonderful song. And video. 1969 was on a roll! /P. ... See MoreSee Less

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I love when you keep educating your fans in Music! More videos, please

I agree. Is a fantastic song

Thanks, hadn't seen that before, it captures that period so well. 🌻🌼🌸🌺🌈

Muy bueno excelente

Really lovely.




Like it a lot

🤔me parece un ritmo muy drogón, creo que esa es la expresión que puedo dar de la música de los hippies en esa época. aunque la letra es linda.... hay una muy buena de los DOGSTAR llamada DREAMTIME, y sin comentarios ¿sí?..... igualmente siempre éxitos a ti Per Gessle 👏👏👏

Roxette Forever

I like it 👍🏼

I like the touch of watching the stars. Son of a Plumber, really? That's so sweet.

Ar 🎭.perjalanan 🎼 GAM ❌ modern

Looks like watching your profile photo after drinking its content among flowers ❤️ It's midnight now, and I can see nobody sleeping by your side. It's a Swedish habit, like premarital arrangements?

Oh, the audios don't work

You ask me why I'm shy, but you are stuttered when you talk in English...That's why you don't want to give interviews so often, and you type them, but I have a solution too, I'll post it later. Or maybe we can practice it directly when we meet, it works fast.

Na na na na na na na, na Na na na na na, na Na na na na na na na, na Na na na na na, na Na na na na na na na, na Na na na na na, na Na na na na na na na, na Na na na na na, na Na na na na na na na, na Na na na na na, na Na na na na na na na, na Na na na na na, na

Many students used to come to my drama workshops because they where shy. There are many creative things to do when you have this problem.

Hey Per, you left m e in charge of this Facebook but I don't really know what to do. Your last post was this one, and I suppose Roxette is forbidden.

I don't want to rule your Facebook neither your life, I just want to l--- u. Oh, censure of facebook

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3 weeks ago


If you're using Spotify..... check out my playlist of favourite songs. EASY LISTENING BY PG. I originally made it for Hotel Tylösand but realized it was too good not to spread around in this day and age. I update it all the time. And yes yes, I know, too many songs. Can't help myself... Cheers, P. ... See MoreSee Less

If youre using Spotify..... check out my playlist of favourite songs. EASY LISTENING BY PG. I originally made it for Hotel Tylösand but realized it was too good not to spread around in this day and age. I update it all the time. And yes yes, I know, too many songs. Cant help myself... Cheers, P.

Comment on Facebook

BTW playlists. We had our wedding this weekend.🥳 Your songs have been chosen from the list below: Beautiful things - team gathering The Look - the entry intro Perfect Day - signature, ring drawing Finest prize - toast Joyride – congratulations, the end...

Awesome. Gives me a bit of a Hotel Tylösand holiday feeling at home. And always great to have quality music in the background. ❤🎶👌

Thank you Per, for sharing this very nice and interesting Spotify Playlist! 😎👍

Hall & Oates and America, you've got some excellent musical tastes Per.

I love the list ❤️

thanks for sharing Per!!!

Thanks for sharing! What's your favourite (if any) reggae music?

I will definitely check it out...thank you!!

That's a lot of songs!

😘 Thanks for sharing!!!

Very Nice👍👍👍❤️

Thank you 🙂 Jimmy love you

Now we know where Mono Mind got the inspiration for the smashing song! Aquí te va una canción para ti… Down by the Riverside de Peter, Paul and Mary


Per, this is our new project, could you make some noise, Thanks!!


I like your taste and you probably will like mine.


Canciones que expresan emociones y sentimientos románticos


Hey Pearl don't go so early. Here it's 3:30 AM, don't get dressed so early. 8:30 is too early, too, what do you have to do that may be better than keeping this dream alive. I'm not a virgin, you know, 37 years old, some experience as an actress (in Argentina, independent theater artists are more or less like everybody in your country. Don't get bored in the free time). But I want to tell you what happened with you is something really new, it's the real thing. To find more reality in the imagination than in the outside world, what an old idea, and working today so good. Yeah, I've heard you whispering before, but this time there was a different relation with body, I have the know what and the know how if someone wants to know the meaning of the parenthesis of your song about the heart. And, out of the metaphor, you know you only get to know Argentina in detail if you let me be your guide (have you watch the video?).

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3 weeks ago


Hey, it's Sunday. Time for a ballad, don't u think? This one I totally forgot about. Can't even remember to which album we recorded it!!! Do you know? Maybe the info is in some liner notes somewhere..... However, it's not that bad... We never liked it very much for some reason that's hidden in the shadows! /P. ... See MoreSee Less

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That's what you remembered a while ago. 😉 /PP ”Yep, another leftover from HAVE A NICE DAY. We never really worked properly on this one. Marie and I only did a couple of guide vocals to get into the groove. Lots of ballads around at the time.” Look for your thoughts here 🤪

I believe it was on the second disc to the ballad hits.. I like this track! Actually, I played that second disc alot.. great tracks!! ❤

Always loved it! ❤

I love this song ❤️🎼

Its a nice sunday afternoon relaxing song, i think

Really? I love it! ❤

Great song for me🤩

I really like this song!!❤

GREAT song! Love the vocal lines!

It's one of the bonus tracks on the re-release of Have A Nice Day. Great song!

And the demo is great too!

You wrote it fot Have A Nice Day dear Per Gessle. Released it in the EP of The Ballad Hits Later + RoxBox + Room Service Extended edition

I have only words of praise to you!!!❤❤❤🤗

This song is from the album have a nice day 💗

That's a very beautiful Song! I love it!💖

All the songs you have done are wonderful. For me, you are one of the best artists of recent times.

Its onenof the best ballads roxette ever recorded

Song included in my wedding video

Love rosette

Song was released in two albums: an edition of 'The Ballad Hits' with bonus tracks and 'Have a nice day' Deluxe version with bonus tracks too

Very nice ballad ❤️

It was meant for Have a nice day album

I dont have the Rarities Album! 😭

It is a mystery, Mr G - in my top 10 of fav Rox ballads, that's for sure. Recorded around TWATG time, wasn't it? Ended up on the Pop Hits E.P.

Thi is very beatiful,greatest voices i love me❤❤

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