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From the Crash BB adventure! Enjoy! /P.Music video by Roxette performing Run To You. ... See MoreSee Less

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This is a nice song."Per do u know which other songs of crash boom bang album, is also good is Harley Indians riders in the sky,lies,i love the sound of crashing guitars and love is all,shine your light on me.at the gigs u should plays your guitars load ok.im a roxer that likes load guitars and rock music.

As a fan in Canada, before the internet and after EMI had stopped putting any promotion behind the group, I had to wait until the DBUGTTC video collection came out to see this clip. It was one of my favourites off the CBB album, and it was so exciting to see some shots from the concert (which did not come here). Still one of my fave Rox videos today!

Really underated song. So good.

Shot at Frankfurt! With my best friend and me in first row! 💖

Gracias a ellos comencé con rock pop, luego rock y metal. Qué recuerdos de mi infancia y adolescencia. 😁

Just listened to this while driving home from work! 😁😍

Crash Boom Bang remains my all time favourite Roxette album. Thanks for making it!

One of my old time favorites!!! It’s a must for your tour’s setlist

The voice of Marie is really beatiful

My hand is in that video ups

One of my favorite Rosette songs.

Luv Luv Luv it


I always preferred the demo..


Still fresh and lovely and roxing. 👍👍

This song must be in your tour.

What a nostalgic clip

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Still smashing! /P.We asked Gessle fans and ping pong lovers around the world for help when making this video. We asked them to send clips of them singing along, playing table ... ... See MoreSee Less

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La canción es hermosa y me pone muy contento que sigas vigente día a día. Lo único que ya como que le quita seriedad eso de meter fans o cualquier persona que uno ni conoce en tus videos ( ya se había echo con un tema de ROXETTE) sinceramente yo si veo un vídeo de ROXETTE quiero ver a per y Marie. No un vídeo de fans. Y en este caso lo mismo. Es mi parecer.mi pensamiento,claro.

This song is stuck in my head, strange, because that never usually happens to me. It's a great song.

Dear Per, do you also have an audio version of this song? Thanks in advance! Have a nice day!

It's very catchy. Not getting sick of it either

Just loving it, nice....fresh....gesslish


La amé..graciassss

Its a very good song

Great song...!😍😎

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THE SATURDAY SONG. So 80's, don't you think? /P.Music video by Roxette performing Dangerous. www.facebook.com/RealRoxette/ www.roxette.se ... See MoreSee Less

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I was born in the same Year when the Look Sharp Album was released and my Mama once told me that she listened to the Vinyl Version of the Look Sharp Album quite a lot when she was Pregnant with me! So that means that I'm a very big Roxette Fan, since I was a Baby! And me and my Mama both like the Song Dangerous! 😎😎😍😍😘

Yes very 80’s but still super cool today so please bring it along on tour! 🙏☺️

Yes, very 80's. I loved the fashion, hairstyles and music from back then. Life was lived in the fast lane. Just wish to be back in those times again, I would have changed so much, but never the great music. Dangerous is a really cool song.

😀👏👏👏👏😀 Thanx for this Fantastic song!!🌞

Christian: Schnuuuuuuppiiii!!! Sooo geil! Ich freu mich auf Oktober 🤘🏻😎

My favorite song of all time!

The look sharp album. Love it!!

“Ooh you send me... you take me to the Rush Hour” 🤪

More early 90's rock actually, it made 1990 a more Rock year. I think 1990 would have been a boring year for Top 40 Charts without Dangerous. Even though it was released in December 1989, it was in the charts for most of 1990 and got non-stop airplay.

Anni Lein unser ❤️Lieblingslied .... weißt du noch .... aufgenommen vom Radio und immer fehlte der Anfang

So many great songs off such a legendary album. I always had a soft spot for Paint.

This song changed my life... LOOOOOOVE IT!!! 😍😍😍😍❤

Always liked this song and love Roxette.


Brings back some memories.

Spending my time is my favourite and love all the others too.



200% roxing! ❤

I love this song and video!

One of my favourite songs from Roxette <3

Brilliant song!!

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