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Only five months left! /P.Music video by Roxette performing June Afternoon. ... See MoreSee Less

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What happens in 5 months?

hahaaaa...Okay...I thought we will have all Roxette concerts on BLURAY

Wah-wah here comes the sun 😎☀️

😁 five months and ... SUN, SOMMER AND HOLIDAYS!

Thanks for the motivation. It works... hmmm... a little bit maybe 🤔

Life it's very simple, just like La-la-la 💟💟💟😉😉

Your summer is my winter.

Same feeling. (( " I remember you, feels like it was yesterday... ". Your words ???

„... and it never get’s dark, wah wah, here comes the sun ...“ Many, many snow falls here in Innsbruck. 😊

Seems a long way away as im sitting watching the snow falling! Lol but what a fab thought 😊

A song for my month of birth

I love this video!

Hot day..no..no...it is not good ... Brasil...but video is cooll

Feeling like June was a month ago. 😂

I love this music.

Can't wait. ☀️

Its about time, Folks...

To what? 🤔

The Beatles !!


January morning

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Remember this one? /P.Long Live Vacations - long live my hobby - making clips! ... See MoreSee Less

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I do, and oh have I cried....Happy my grandmum always said that every tear becomes a star in the sky 🌟🌟🌟

Tnx for sharing. This bring back memories for other great songs like "Come Back before you leave" and many many others

I love this song, and "Every Day" I was hoping that Roxette would record the whole album in this style but...

The first half wasn’t going anywhere , until Marie came and saved the song.

One of my favourites...beautiful Song, beautiful voces...

I remember, but I don't listen much, it's so sad.

Well here's the thing boss. I didn't really like the Have A Nice Day and Room Service albums so at that time I was losing faith. Then along comes The Ballad Hits album with A Thing About You and especially Breathe and that stunning four track EP of 'outakes.' Faith well and truly restored and I knew I wasn't always going to like everything you released but at some points in the future you were going to have a very positive effect on my ears.

Yes of course i remenber this one Great

Yes....it is very good. I like this. Have a nice weekend.lkkiiss

I Love this song ....makes me emotional

Of course I remember, beautiful song <3



Worst Rox song ever

A tantra song!!!

Genial canción..

One of my favourites

listening yesterday..great song


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2 days ago


Blue sky over Stockholm! Have a fab weekend y'all! /P.Music video by Roxette performing How Do You Do!. ... See MoreSee Less

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En mycket bra låt! 🎶 Kommer ihåg att jag köpte "How Do You Do!" samma dag som den började säljas, det var under sommaren 1992 när jag var på semester i Halmstad 😃

This is one of the Rox videos that had such a big impact on me....I had never seen Marie & Per with the skin so tanned 😆🏜🏖🌞☀️

Great weekend for u 2 Per and 4 all the roxers 2.

🌅🍀Nice memories from the summer 1992🍀🌅

Been to Mosebacke Terrassen, HDYD! footage set, just to feel even closer to Roxette!

Love this song. This is the sort of music that drew me to Roxette in the first place: upbeat, fun, bouncy...can't help but put a smile on my face. 🙂

LOVE this song. It's fun, timeless and both yours and Marie's vocals are so perfect on this song. In 500 years people will still jive to this song. Pity it had such dreadful remixes on the single

Älskar denna låt som gör mig så glad och tänker på Veronika Karlsson 😉

P/Going for 43c today we also have blue sky's in NSW Aust.

Well. Thats a lot of proffesionalisim thank you. All of your songs are. Well everybody knows.

Did I spot a bit of Quo-esque guitar swinging in there?

I heard your message today on radio very good👍

Igual que acá en.... Santiago de Chile... Que tengas un maravilloso fin de semana..

My best memories 1992/93 😍💓

Also,this one of my favorites of all time!!!

My top 3 Swedish bands:

You tooooon! We miss you !!

Yeah this is the Weekend Song Have a wonderful weekend Per💋❤

Una Delle mie preferite!!


There are:1 ABBA, 2 Roxette and 3 is Ace of Base

One of the BEST ROX Singles!!!

<3 beste

Best Roxette song!

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