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Stumbled upon this one while preparing for the mighty double-LP release of Have A Nice Day. A very dear and special song to me since it was written for my (nowadays hipster-lookin') son. Beautiful soprano saxophone by the amazing Jonas Knutsson. Enjoy. I will! /P.Roxette - Have a Nice Day ... See MoreSee Less

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Wonderful song...this made me a Roxette fan forever. I love the saxophone,reminds me of San Remo where someone played the saxophone on the beach in the middle of the night, I only heard the sound <3 A very beautiful song Per Dear <3 <3 <3

...nostalgia..that voice..the sax...candle light dinner song..

I think that "Have a nice day" was generally a bit unappreciated album. Practically every song on it is good - not only those that hit the charts. Btw. I wish Rarities were released in Europe...

This is absolutely one of my favs from HAND!!! Also, Beautiful things, It will take a long long time, Staring at the ground, waiting for the rain, and all the Ballad Hits' repeated!

One of my fav. A big hug from Chile.

I love this song, is beautiful, great lyrics <3

what ever happened to the golden blow version of this song that was supposed to be on i think it was the anyone single?

“Sometimes all you need for world domination is a sax solo.” — Per Gessle

I love knowing the stories behind the songs. πŸ’›πŸ’™

I love hearing about the influences for your songs. That could be your next project, detailed information for every Rox song

Yeah, great album! Crush On You - i’ve always loved the lyrics! BTW: a MEGA-BLASTING-OPENER for the Room Service (?) tour! Loved the words above/behind the stage to this song and i always will remember to this one: Do what you want but harm no one! Once again THANK YOU PER for making so much beautiful music and giving us a better life! Please never stop this train! Cheers and all the best from Innsbruck! Michael 😊

Looking forward to the HAND vinyl. Which colour? What about pink? 😊

I think that's better than Salvation.

This song describes how my wife and I met.

I love this Song, it is very nice! πŸ˜˜πŸ’–

Gorgeous melody, words, Wonderful song! <3

20 years ago... Still great to hear, more great to sing along! Fine work, Mr. G.!

Hermosa canción, totalmente llena de sentimientos. Se la voy a hacer escuchar a mi nene , que le gustan las canciones de Roxette. él me parece que es fans del grupo jajajajaja. Es más le gusta mucho el disco Chram School!! 😍, en cambio mi hija, se divierte más con las de Look Sharp! 😍

My favourite Song from this Album is Staring at the ground

Per, it is amazing that you find and post the perfect song for the day. I had forgotten about this one.

Magenta and blue vinyl would be fun, related to the design of the booklet. Then again it doesn't really matter, just nice that it gets released on vinyl. πŸ‘Œ

Whenever I read about Per preparing for a new vinyl release my heart starts beating way faster. No matter if it'll be a (signed) normal, double or colored vinyl. The most essential thing is: a vinyl of Per. πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜

Frikkin adore this song , and love the way it segues into "Stars......"

I love this song and the meaning of it. The lyrics are so emotional and sweet and Marie's voice is marvellous( it seems that she would have been written, she owned it...in a artistic way, of course).

I was so lucky, you came by and turned different corner. I could've been somewhere else, You could've passed by, you could've passed by...πŸŽΆπŸ‘

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