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Help Per make the official music video for the brand new single "Name You Beautiful"! Instructions in the video. /Team Rox ... See MoreSee Less

Help us with the music video!


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We want to send good energy for everyone to hear !, and wish a very Happy Birthday to #HelenaJosefsson on this day

how is madame marie doing? 🙂 #ITMUSTHAVEBEENLOVE

I love the song! I can not stop imagining it sung by Marie!😁

My table tennis stuff is unfortunately left 16000km away... sorry! And singing along... well, I do that only on concerts or in the car! 😜😜😜 Have fun with it everybody!

I don‘t have a table tennis racket anymore since I destroyed them all back in the days when I got angry about losing the match.

What a good idea, but I don't have a table tennis racquet now, hope everyone will do this, sounds like fun.

Per I want to see you in the video playing tabletennis with Christoffer Lundquist 🙂 pleeeaase! 😉 😁

If I didn't love you already, this woulda done it. 🙂

Sascha Komposch sollen wir mitmachen? Habt Ihr eine Tischtennis-Platte?

That Idea sounds very cool!

Alguien que diga en español qué hay que hacer? Por favor 🙏🏻

Tina Louise sing with Tah?

I'm in


Mikkel Christiansen

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So what do you think about the new single? /P. ... See MoreSee Less

Name You Beautiful Out Now!


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😯Wow, such a fantastic song, i am very very pleasured. This is not Gessle style, but i Really love it😍 on first listen. Per, make more songs in this style, like this, please

Can't you just make an whole album like this? I mean it is a lovely song, not a ballad, not a usual PG sound, if it had a music video (a decent one) it actually could be massive, it has that kind of feel about it, will it be remembered in 10 years time? If it was included in something international not what the song was created for as that's only in Scandinavian countries, there is a lot of hope for the song and I believe it would get somewhere even in the British charts although I do agree re the fiddle if you even plan to release it in Britain, although the Irish will love the fiddle 😉 there you go Pelle G, there is what I think as you asked 🙂

Good vibs to this day!!! And Happy Birthday to Helena Josefsson!!!!!!! #NameYouBeautiful <3

A-W-E-S-O-M-E Per!!! As always 😀 You are unique around the world. Lyrics, rhytm, voices, melody... Every single thing is PERfect!!!

Catchy tune! I love the violins. Helena sounds great, too. And you, too. 🙂 Great one.

Just bought it on iTunes. I like it. I will definitely listen to this one again. Really nice sound and I like the positive upbeat tune. I prefer the main song over the remix but I think it's a good idea to have both as each will cater to people with different preferences in sound.

WE LOVE IT! So many Roxette blinks... Makes me feel as the first time I listened to Sleeping in my Car premier on the radio, kinda'o the same feelings!

I just love it, i hope to get more of that great Music you make Per ❤️

I absolutely love the new song Per. Thank you. It’s an inspiring song.

Wow!! A new fresh sound - but still 100% Mr. Gessle Thanx for this beautiful song! Hopefully more to come - soon! See you in Cologne in October. I'm really looking forward to see you live in concert !!!

Simple and rhythmic, pure and shocking, deep and also beautiful. Good job #PerGessle ✌ Beautiful voice, #HelenaJosefsson... Well, missing #mariefredriksson, but also enjoying the #violings!

Sorry, I dont like it. It‘s like 08/15 Tralala🤷🏼‍♀️

Just a Perfect song. Love it! Hope will be inc in the next album and the whole album sound like this would love if you add a english version of Fösta pris. 💜🎶🌟

So nice track. Beautiful melody, good instrumental, interesting production.

It is pretty cheerful for me 🙂

Fantastic as always!!!! I really love the Remix version 👍

Is great!! I love it !!! Thank you for this fantastic song...

I love the heck out of it...except the fiddle part. Not saying it isn't well-done, it's just...not my thing, that sort of country-music sound; it's a matter of personal taste, not production quality. And even then, I liked the bit the instrument was doing when it wasn't sounding all hoe-down-ish. So, yeah...I like the re-mix better, cuz it leaves that out.

I like it a lot...the remix too! Love always, one of my biggest pop songwriting influence. Per is short for PerFect Gessle.

Everything I wanted it to be and more😁❤

Not interested thank u cliff Richard 🤣😂

It's wonderful!!! "I'm kind of stuck and repeat" with the song... Once again, thank you for the music!

I like the remix - the style is great, I just really miss Marie's voice 💔

Siempre li que usted crea es maravilloso ....una canción fresca con una...HERMOSA melodía. .es PERFECTA...

Just love it ! With a proper video it would be a hit worldwide !

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