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Great interview! You are always a well-spoken, talkative and smart interviewee. Regarding Per Gessle’s Roxette tour you say that it was a tough decision to make (to go touring with that tour name, playing the Roxette songs - if I interpret it correctly). I so much believe you. Certainly you have noticed the controversy going on among fans regarding that tour. Honestly, I do belong to the sceptics, in the sense that I really question if I will like certain Rox-songs without Marie. Just as you, of course, can do with your songs whatever you want, anytime, I also think that I have the right to feel this way. On the same time though, I feel bad, too. Bad for not being able to unconditionally and fully support all your endeavours, as I have done it for almost three decades now. Bad for appearing and probably really being so stubborn and unflexible. Maybe you are just way ahead of me. Maybe once I visit my two concerts in autumn I will make friends with this setting. You were brave and took the risk that some fans won‘t be delighted about the idea. Of course you don‘t „need“ us, the sceptics, but still, it must be somewhat tedious to know there is some ambivalence around. I am sure you have the best intentions and I am happy that for you and Marie this is the right way to go. After all, that is what counts the most. I am curiously looking forward to the shows ☺️

Loved it!!! Fast forward to about 47 minutes and you can start hearing the interview. Well done, Per!!! ❤

yeeeaaaaa..its still june...june afternoon..sir

Cool interview.


Roxette la la la


Maja Segovia

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1 day ago


HERE COMES THE DVD!!!! A great evening to remember and cherish! /P.

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HERE COMES THE DVD!!!! A great evening to remember and cherish! /P.



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Yes a great evening to remember...found myself here and there in the front..hehe...💙💛

What can you say about the new version of No One Makes it On Her Own with a Helena, a song that was almost an Marie hymn? Many fans are complaining about it.

I really need to get a multi-region DVD/Blu-Ray player!

I was there with almost 30 kg more 😉 I'm so happy about this dvd and will cherish it 😍😍😍

Wish I had been there. It's great though that the DVD captures such a great concert.

hahaha..its a bright june afternoon..sir

Wonderful. Love all Pers projects.

Great dvd !

Har den redan 😍

Got my Copy 2 Weeks ago... 😀

That sounds cool! 😎👍

11 Augusti 2817 ????

Har den och har sett den 🌸

En España se va a vender?


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1 day ago


Svenska Yle's audience chose the best summer songs. “Sommartider” by Gyllene Tider is the winner! 🎶🌞🎶 Per tells the song was ordered by the record company and he finds it difficult to write songs on order. If you listen to other tracks on the album, “Puls”, you can hear that all other songs are much different vs. “Sommartider”. It’s incredible that this song is still around since 1982. Per says summer is sacred in a way. In the North it’s so short and the most important season so you simply have to try and take advantage of it. 🌞 /PP

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Well, it is considered the " signature song" for Gyllene Tider. I like it because it has rythm. It is included in the Puls album.

Much better without the Blonde Hair !!!

June afternoon,how do you do

"Sommartider,sommartider !!

LOVE THAT SONG!!! It's so contagious and happy!! 👏👏👏👏👏😍😍😍😍😎

música contagiante já ouvi várias gyllene tider são muito legais.

Much better without the b

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