In the spring of 1986 two friends decided to form a musical side project called Roxette. 30 years, record sales exceeding 75 millions and numerous world tours later we get the chance to follow the band’s last tour. 

In the book ”RoXXXette On The Road” photographer Anders Roos captures this amazingly long-lasting Swedish music phenomenon while they’re busy wrapping up the live side of their stunning career.

With close to 300 pictures on as many pages, ”RoXXXette On The Road” brings the reader along to sold out venues in Europe, South Africa and Australia.

The book is like a backstage pass that takes us all the way into the airplanes and inside the dressing rooms during warm-ups. And when it’s showtime, we get front row tickets to see the musicians deliver rock solid versions of hits like ”The Look”, ”Listen To Your Heart”, ”It Must Have Been Love” and ”Joyride”.

The photos are accompanied with reflections, flashbacks and anecdotes from the 30th anniversary tour, written by the group’s relentless song-writing engine Per Gessle.

Here’s an example:
”Roxette has always been a live band. I’m pretty safe and sound in the studio but Marie is definitely born to be on stage. In the early days of recording I was surprised every time she actually agreed on doing second or third takes of her lead vocals. She preferred doing it all in one go, just like she’s standing on stage. ”Dressed For Success” is basically a one-take stellar performance. Just as ”Soul Deep” and ”Cry”. The list goes on and on.”

Aside from picturing the band in glamorous jet-settings like when they’re performing in front the iconic Sydney Opera House, we also get unique insights in the making of Roxette’s tenth studio album ”Good Karma”, recorded in the remotely located ”Aerosol Grey Machine” studio in southern Sweden.

In short, ”RoXXXette On The Road” is a treat either you’re one of the dedicated “Roxers” who has followed the group around the world over the years – or just curious about the final chapter on the road for a pop duo that 30 years ago decided to check out just how far they could go.

The book will be released June 16

15 large prints from the book will be on display at Hotel Tylösand Art Gallery from July 1.

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