The Look

Today it’s been 25 years since “The Look” became a Billboard #1. To celebrate this, “Hitlåtens Historia” can be seen at SVTplay again and the single is released on Spotify.

SVTPlay: Hitlåtens Historia - The Look

Spotify: Roxette - The Look


Swedish Music Hall of Fame

Roxette is one of the first bands to be inducted into the Swedish Music Hall of Fame. As one of the bands that have had major influence over the development of popular music in Sweden. The Hall of Fame exhibition will open in the Swedish Music Hall of Fame on Djurgården in Stockholm on March 20.


Something about the documentary

Roxette Live+Documentary DVD/Blu-ray update: Looks like we have to wait until late summer for release. However, it will include full concert + extended documentary + 90 min hilarious So, Christoffer!-vids. Maybe we should make the audio available on its own as well. It sounds terrific. We all agree that live albums are underrated! /P.


I en underbar ballong

Maria Sörgjerd has written a book about Roxette and the Roxers ". The book "I en underbar ballong" is only avaliable in Swedish and it can be ordered here!


Hello all Roxers out there!

Marie and I are taking some time off from Roxette at the moment after this huge world tour and two new albums in 19 months!!! Phew!

I’m in Christoffer’s farmhouse recording a new Gyllene Tider-LP (yep, that’s what we do!). It should be out in the open later this spring 2013. Marie is also busy working in the studio making magic moments to be revealed later this year!

However, we’re slowly but surely preparing a bright Roxette future with a live BluRay/DVD as well as tour documentary coming out before you know it!

We hope you want to stay in touch and communicate with us via our Facebook-page: Roxette Official.

I’ll try to post new and interesting stuff for your hungry hearts almost every day! See y’all soon.

Lots of love from Per (& Marie).

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