Heart Shaped Sea, The

Babe it's time to tell me that it's over
tell me that it's over it's plain to see
and this time we won't be starting over
no crying on your shoulder into the heart shaped sea
oh you've been a-running from our door
and you've been enchanted by the gracious voice of love

Babe it's time to look me in the eyes
time to say goodbye it's clear to me
and this time I won't let you down
you can turn around I'll set you free
Oh you've been a-sailing from our shore
and you've been enchanted by someone from afar

Babe it's time to gather all the harvest
to pray before the winter
and sail the heart shaped sea
Oh you've been a-running from my love
and you've been enchanted by the powers up above

© Gessle - Jimmy Fun Music

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